How to Earn Money in Youtube 2024


Outline Introduction

Recognizing YouTube’s Monetization

Criteria for Monetization Eligibility

Program for YouTube Partners

CPMs and Ad Revenue

Establishing a YouTube channel

Picking a niche

Establishing Your Channel

Producing Outstanding Content

Building a Following

Interesting Videos

Regular Upload Routine

Engaging with the Public

Monetization Techniques

Ads revenue

Members of a channel

Chat super and super stickers

Shelf of Goods

Featured Content


SEO optimization

Keyword exploration

Descriptions, tags, and titles

Optimizing thumbnails

Increasing Channel Awareness

Utilizing social media



Information and Analytics

Google Analytics

Metrics Understanding

Copyright and community guidelines issues

Copyright Fights

A fair use

Strikes Against Community Rules

The Prospects for YouTube Revenue


How to Make Money on YouTube (Updated 2024)

1. Inauguration

The internet currently provides several ways to make money online, and one of the most popular is through YouTube. YouTube has developed into a platform where producers may display their skills and earn a sizable salary thanks to its billions of active users and constantly expanding viewership. The methods and procedures to effectively monetize your YouTube channel in 2024 will be discussed in this post.

2. Information about YouTube Monetization

2.1 Monetization Eligibility Requirements

Before embarking on the path to monetizing your YouTube channel, you must meet certain predetermined eligibility criteria set by YouTube. These requisites commonly encompass maintaining a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and accumulating 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months.

2.2 YouTube Partner Program 

You have the chance to submit your application for the highly sought-after YouTube Partner Program (YPP) after meeting the appropriate qualifying requirements. You can monetize your films and access several cash sources if you’re a member of the YPP.

2.3 CPM and Ad Revenue

Ads that appear on videos are the main source of income for YouTube. CPM (Cost Per thousand) is the amount you make per thousand ad views and might vary based on your niche, audience demographics, and ad types.

3. Choosing a Niche 

3.1 Choose a niche in which you have expertise and enthusiasm if you want to draw in a devoted following. These may be vlogs about fashion, food tutorials, or tech reviews.

3.2 Establishing Your Channel 

Create catchy channel names, profile pictures, and banners that accurately reflect your business and content. Be careful to create a compelling channel description to inform viewers of what to expect.

3.3 Producing Excellent Content

Put your energy into creating captivating videos for your viewers. To improve the overall viewing experience, make an investment in quality hardware and editing tools.



4. Attracting a Public

4.1 Interesting Videos

Publish material that hooks viewers right away. Encourage your audience to comment on your films and share them by interacting with them and posing questions to them.

4.2 Regular Upload Schedule

Consistency will help you create anticipation among your audience. Maintain a consistent timetable so your audience knows when to look for new information.

4.3 Talking to the audience

Actively participate in interacting with your audience by acknowledging and answering their comments. Building a strong relationship with your audience encourages loyalty and drives them to actively support your channel.

5. Financial Instruments

5.1  Ad Revenue

You’ll start making money from the videos you upload as your channel expands. Content producers receive a portion of YouTube’s ad revenue.

5.2 Members of Channels

Provide channel memberships to your devoted followers. Subscribers have access to a variety of appealing benefits, including emojis, badges, and other special content, in return for a recurring monthly fee.

5.3 Super Chat and Super Stickers 

Viewers can purchase Super Chats or Super Stickers to emphasize or show their words as animated stickers during live feeds.

5.4 The Product Shelving

Take advantage of the product shelf to advertise and sell your branded items straight from your YouTube channel.

6.6 Crowdfunding

To get direct money for your content creation, include your audience on crowdfunding websites like Patreon or Kickstarter.



6. Optimising for SEO 

6.1 Research on Keywords

Perform in-depth keyword research to find the most relevant and often-used search terms in your niche. In your titles, descriptions, and tags, strategically use these keywords.

6.2 Titles, Summary, and Tags

Create titles and descriptions that are interesting and informative so that both viewers and search engines will click on them. The optimization of your films can be improved by using relevant tags.

6.3 Optimizing the thumbnail size

Create visually appealing and contextually appropriate thumbnails to persuade visitors to click on your videos.

7. Getting Your Channel Noticed

7.1 Use of social media

Utilize social media channels to advertise your films and interact with viewers outside of YouTube.

7.2 Joint Ventures

Collaborations with other authors in your niche are a powerful way to increase your audience and gain new subscribers.

7.3 Cross Promotion

Cross-promote your videos on your own channel to get more people to watch what you have to say.



8. Data and Insights

8.1 Google Analytics 

To understand your audience, monitor the effectiveness of your videos, and spot potential improvement areas, keep a careful eye on YouTube Analytics.

8.2 Metrics Understanding

For the purpose of optimizing your content strategy, become familiar with crucial data such as watch time, audience retention, and click-through rates.

9. Addressing Community Standards and Copyright

9.1 Copyright Violations

Recognize how copyright strikes operate to prevent unauthorized use of protected works.

9.2 Neutral Use 

To lawfully use copyrighted content for commentary, criticism, or parody, familiarize yourself with fair use guidelines.

9.3 Violations of Community Regulations

To prevent penalties or strikes that could hurt your channel’s ability to earn money, follow YouTube’s community guidelines.

10. The Monetization of YouTube in the Future

Keep up with the trends in content development and YouTube’s rules. As the platform changes, new monetization options might appear.

11. In summary

With the correct strategy and content, monetizing a YouTube channel can be a time-consuming but rewarding enterprise. To increase your revenue, don’t forget to make interesting videos, cultivate a following, and test out other money sources.



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Questions and Answers

1. What usually happens while trying to monetize a YouTube channel?

Each creator has a different method for monetizing a YouTube channel. It depends on elements such as the niche, the caliber of the material, consistency, and audience involvement. While some channels can become profitable in a short period of time, others might take longer to qualify.

2. Once my previous films match the requirements, can I monetize them?

Yes, you can make money off of both your new and old videos, provided you’ve satisfied the eligibility requirements. Before allowing monetization, YouTube will examine your entire channel for compliance.

3. Alternative sources of income for tiny channels exist.

Absolutely! Although ads are the main source of income, smaller channels should also look into other possibilities like affiliate marketing, the sale of digital goods, or securing sponsorships in their specialized market.

4. How much cash can I expect to make from YouTube?

The money you can make on YouTube varies a lot. The amount of income depends on a variety of variables, including views, CPM rates, and revenue sources. Some artists earn a good livelihood, while others add to their income.

5. Is a large subscriber base required to be profitable?

A higher subscriber count does not alone improve prospective earnings; it only helps. Both engaged viewers and long watch times are essential. Loyal viewers that actively support your channel might be attracted by high-quality content.

In conclusion, for motivated producers, making money from a YouTube channel in 2024 is a realistic goal. You may create a successful channel and possibly earn a sizable sum of money by following the suggested procedures, regularly providing high-quality video, and interacting with the audience. Why wait any longer to ensure steady growth and ongoing success on the platform? Start your adventure right away to pave the way to success as a successful YouTube creator!

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